Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sleepless in Seattle

and reflecting...

This is the first time I've had to leave LT overnight for a business trip (or any trip for that matter).

Feelings that are attached to this - fear, guilt, worry, more guilt and the fact that I will miss

so badly it aches.

But then I stop and realize that I have these amazing people in OUR life -

And they afford me the ability to go away and have total faith that LT is loved and cared for 100%.

I lay here in my hotel tonight so thankful, humbled and inspired by my "village."
So thankful in all the rewards this trip has brought me on so MANY levels.
so thankful for my business partner & friend
so thankful for the most amazing night with Yaddi, Hewan, Becca & Issiah (my Ethiopian family).
so thankful that I'll see my baby tomorrow.

This quick trip has reminded me that letting go it sometimes just as important as holding on tight. The universe supported me on this trip and I can't find the words to express my appreciation.

Mommy/work balance can be a struggle. The internal turmoil regarding not being enough in either category has metaphorically kicked me on my ass over and over again. I know that it will reappear but for now...I will live in the peace that when I asked for support - we got it. and abundantly. (a nessesary lesson for a single mom, type A, control freak ;)


Liz said...

I love how the universe often answers with abundance if only we have the courage to ask!

Jebena said...

..and then rest in the peace of it! Glad to read it went well for you and Liv!