Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday two of the most important people in my life. My brother Andy's birthday is today and Liv Tunsitu's birthday is Tuesday. I see a lot of similarities in spirit between my bro and LT and it makes me smile as well as smirk. I have no doubt these two will be a FORCE. I wish we could spend more time with Andy (lives on opposite coast) but he is always in our heart.

This pic was taken in August...

and this pic was taken today...

This is a good representation of where she was and where she is now...

When I think about her birthday and her spirit, I'm so mindful of my role in shaping her life. I'm so mindful that I need to be an example for her. I think about the words I use and the energy I live with and the morsels of wisdom that I want to offer her. I think about her story --the beauty as well as loss. I think about her circle and how lucky we all are to have her in our life. I think about the power in her being and the grand honor it is to mother her.

I expect great's part of my make-up. It's not because it's been all roses. I've had great sorrow and loss but I ALWAYS expect more than I can dream. When I think about my style and Andy and LT's spirit, this song feels right - the Amy, Andy, Liv Tunsitu Anthem -

Birthdays are about honoring where you've come from, growth, reflection and hopes for the future. Birthdays are about gratitude and alignment. I love that my two sweethearts share a birthday two days apart because these two people are my heart and soul and I'm forever grateful for them. To my two Piscean loves...THANK YOU!

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Corinne said... great things to be mindful of as a mother. i forget too often! happy birthday to your loved ones, that was a lovely post.