Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Reflection

It's true, kids change everything about the holidays. Everything is better, sweeter, funnier and worth all the fuss. I also realize traditions matter and I think I will make a promise for 2010 and beyond to better integrate Ethiopian culture & community.

I do have many books. I hang beautiful maps and Ethiopian art. We pray about Ethiopia every night... but it's not enough. I need to figure out the difference between learning/appreciating AND feeling/being. I need to immerse her in the Ethiopian community more.

Maybe because my referral anniversary is so close to xmas. Or maybe because I just can't get Ethiopia out of my head. I sit here tonight feeling like it is my goal for holidays to connect the wonder of xmas here with the soul & ritual of the celebrating, Ethiopian style. I'm actually very happy that this xmas - our first together-was almost like a test run because she's still too young to understand what it all meant. Because I want us to be connected to her roots in a significant way. I still am trying to figure out what that means. And how she can feel not just hear or see cultural elements but feel the pride. Any one who follows my blog knows that when I need to feel connected to Ethiopia, I search for art. I imagine what the artist was feeling when they created it and what they wanted to leave for the consumer to feel. This makes me feel profoundly connected to the culture. I loved this Christmas for reminding me that Ethiopia always will share a seat at our table as well as our hearts.

The 3 paintings say Christmas to me.

Yadesa Bojia (my friend ;)

Wosene Worke Kosrof

Mezgebu Tessema

I'd love to hear how other parents included Ethio culture in their celebrations.

p.s. Heather, church is a good idea Sunday


Susan O said...

I can't decide what we're going to do either. I know that we'll celebrate it on the 7th, ala Ethiopia,but haven't decided if we'll brave going to the city for church, or do something smaller here. I'd love to know what others do.

Little Ethiopia(n) said...

I totally know what you mean by using this Christmas as a trial run..I'm kinda glad the twins have no idea it's a special time. I think they assume we always have a lit up tree in our house! As for traditions we are also talking about how to incorporate Ethiopia. And we want them to be exposed to the traditions we both grew up with in Georgia and south Dakota. And then we'd also like to start some new traditions just for us.... Ack! How do we include them all?!?!

Julie said...

We were thinking of church this Sunday too. Meazi loved it last time. Wanna go together?