Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love Letter

My dearest LT (currently 3.5),

After a very precious 2.5 years of knowing you, I'm gaining clarity on the path I'll be joining you on. Stepping back to my "waiting period" and wondering if I was paired with your fragile self because I'd need to protect you, shelter, help you find "your space." Ummm, not so much.

The truth is that I always felt your strength but as you were packaged in a significantly underweight body with frozen eyes, it made me doubt if I was best suited to give you everything you needed. As, I prepared for the mother mindset, I surrendered to the fact that you needed an advocate. Someone who cared and fought for you and that I knew I could do. That's all I started with, that one intention.

What has unfolded over the last couple years has blown me away. You, my sweetest, are a magnificent force. You are unlimited. And that responsibility/honor in providing a framework for growth envelopes me especially as you sprint through expression. As a single working mom I hope that I will parent you in way that encourages your best self. Not lying - this feels unattainable at times. But because what I do understand is that a series of choices guided by energy & intent can manifest into more than I can imagine.

So here I start...with a full heart and the goal of bringing shape to a large mission.

Acceptance & love will pour through your pores
The small things and honest moments will fill you with happiness
Hope & faith will be on autopilot
You will live balancing peace with drive
You will trust - 1) the "master plan" 2) your gut 3) me
That I will live my life as a trusted compass that serves you as a healthy reference point

You will feel the world hear your words
You will challenge, try, create, confuse all because of your strong vision
You will impact people through your passion, pain, storytelling & experiences
Searching will serve a large role in your life
You will demand respect
You will lead
A linear path won't be interesting enough for you
Many people will truly love you



Shannon- said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful

Cindy said...


S said...

You will feel the world hear your words. Wow.

Julie said...

Oh how beautiful. She is amazing, as are you. What a pair.

msl said...

Everything Julie said.