Thursday, September 2, 2010

BIG Week

where to start...

This week we said goodbye to our nanny Tomoko. She has been with us a year. My life line. Tunsitu's caretaker, muse, friend & playmate. Being a new single mother, with a major career change, and no family nearby - Tomoko has meant everything to us. I can't say enough about her contribution in our lives & LT would not be the girl she is without Tomoko's gentle guiding love & amazing Japanese cooking. She gave Tunsitu everything she had and I am forever grateful.

(pic snapped their first week together from inside my house looking out window to the backyard)

Next my brother & Seble are new parents & had their baby girl Emma Rebaka (9/29). I feel so happy for them and can't wait to visit (too bad they are 5hrs away by plane). LT has a beautiful (half Ethiopian ;) cousin. Super duper cool.

Then we had BEADS. Granted I already posted about it but I do consider LT's first hair beads a big deal (giggle)

I wanted to try a special hairdo because we had a goodbye lunch party at the park for Tomoko & LT's 2 best park buddies who's she's played with every week for the last year. We love Gen & Mei & LT will miss the daily sand time at the park very much.

And then today we went to LT's first day of pre-school and it went fabulous. The teacher had us come today for a "goodbye/welcome" ceremony to introduce us to the class & say goodbye to other kids & LT loved it. We walked up to a huge welcome sign with our names on it and all the kids (10) & several parents greeted us. My mom & I observed from the side lines as she participated & made new friends. It was so awesome to see. It is hard to see Tomoko go but it made me giddy to see how much she liked being at school. I am mindful of transitional issues but we had a great first experience. When we left they sang her a song & hugged her goodbye. I'm sure this is standard but it was such a sweet moment. And yes I saved her first school project to frame.

This just about made my heart melt. This is the right place for her.

One of the coolest things was that Grandma (who's out of the country half the year) got to experience it with us & has given both of us some great support during this big transition time. Thank you Grandma!!!

Here's to all the people that help us in our life, milestones & growing our family. This year has been action packed. I can't even imagine what the next year will bring...


msl said...

One big amazing week is right Amy!!! And I know LT is going to be rocking preschool!! So happy your mom got to experience her first day with you.
And a huge congratulations on your niece!!!! Wow!

Julie said...

Missed this post. You guys are handling the transitions beautifully. Love that your cute mom i swearing a rocky shirt. Go grandma!