Thursday, June 24, 2010

the 411 on LT

LT & stuff about her that I don't want to forget...

Favorite Books - Where the Wild Things Are & Please Puppy Please (Both are instances of children trying to control circumstances ;) She has WTWTA memorized and says it all with me and asks me to read it 15 times a day. Also loves Hairy MacLary from Donaldson's Dairy & Frida (Kahlo's story in a children's book)

Loves Peaches - "Mommy, I love peaches more than Pizza." now that says something

Hates her hair being done but likes when it's complimented and repeats comments at home

Eats meat more than anyone I know. Chicken, Salmon, Sausage, Beef = all the time and a lot!

She recently seems more interested in pleasing me with "ok mommy and good idea mommy & high fives". This is great news because I could never seem to motivate her by getting her to please me before. Hope this takes...

Night time regular prayer - She keeps adding her skateboard friends to the people who love her. Which makes me happy & surprised each night she adds "skateboarders". There's been other's added along the way by her too which makes me realize the impact people have on her.

She imitates my pet names for her, like when I open the car door to get her out she says, "hi honey" which always cracks me up

Loves to sleep - For about a year now sleeping 12-13 hrs/night with 2-3 hr nap - very consistent (I know I'm so lucky) with no fussing. Lucky lucky lucky me.

Molluscum: Oh how I never imagined you'd be a fixture in my life. We're reaching the end of the road and boy am I super thrilled.

Is an animal lover and asks me to go outside with her to look for snails. She doesn't touch them but talks baby talk to them - so cute. We have a Petco close so walking there to see the hamsters, fish and turtles are a regular activity.

She's starting to scream with excitement for little or no reason. I feel like I'm at a Justin Beiber concert.

Very strong willed, spirited, determined. very.

Love to make herself dizzy.

Time Outs are still working.

She likes: cuddle time, TV time, asking me to lay down go to sleep and says "sweet dreams", anything plastic (she has to hold), spilling drinks, singing & dancing, rapping the ABCs, screaming to 20, bubbles, swings, slides & sand, & process (she likes everything explained why and how), drawing & hiding.

Loves secrets

and stealing my Iphone

She's wonderful and I love seeing her personality grow.

The skateboarders:


Shannon- said...

I could have written this just about word for word about my guy! That's freaky developmental stuff..

Rebecca said...

I love this post. Love all the sweet, dainty things about your little girl!

Tonight, however, I most envious of the sleep thing. You are lucky :)