Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Plans

Each holiday presents a brainstorm of what should we do as it's our first _______holiday together.

When thinking about it I stumbled onto the PBS website.
"While many adults spend Valentine's Day expressing their affection, many children are focused on enjoying delicious confections! But candy needn't be the center of your child's day. Encourage her to do something creative: express feelings through poetry, choose a special recipe to make with you or create fun e-cards for friends and family."

Tip from PBS - for young children like LT, make a big heart and inside write words of what they LOVE. You can also use stickers to represent the Love topics.

I love the idea of focusing on expression as an important aspect in celebrating Valentines Day. Maybe, I'll come up with a song we can learn too. I'm also thinking it would be fun to find heart cookie cutters to use for pancake molds. PBS suggests poetry as well for older kids. Last year, I received multiple Valentines Cards from LT's friends which was cute considering they were all under 2. This year I already got the cutest card from the Little Ethiopian family of the twins and an amazing Yo Gabba Gabba valentines sticker book from my bestie Alexis.

For a holiday that can mean a variety of things for me as an adult. I love that Valentines is now new to me through LT's eyes. Love is definitely in the air.

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