Monday, September 7, 2009


Today was an important day for me & LT.  Today was my first time creating hair twists.  She was unusually patient and although I only got 70% of the way done (three Yo Gabba Gabba's) I watched my little girl grow up a little.  She seemed to have a girl swagger not a baby trot today at the playground.  She also seemed to understand that many many hours of our lives would be comprised of her sitting on my lap while I tried not to tug on her hair too hard. 

She's almost 18 months (home for 4 months) and we're both learning so much.

Her favorite things:
1.  Books
2.  Dogs
3.  Tomoko (nanny)

Her least favorite things:
1.  any sort of medicine
2.  having her hair brushed
3.  her face being cleaned

She's sweet, loving, cautious, strong willed, determined, independent & curious.  She's surprises me everyday with her understanding of conversation and her sense of humor.  

We continue to be so blessed by the many loving people in our lives.  Our path is pretty smooth and yet there are bumps along the way.  

It's only together with our loving family and friends that we stay on track and believe.  

Like our good friend Meazi says, "we keep on truckin" and now... TWISTIN.


Danni and Tommy said...

I love her hair and all of your truckin' twistin' ways!
Hope to see both of you soon!

msl said...

Oh my gosh she's just soooo darn cute Amy!! LOVE her hair!! Way to go mommy!!

Little Ethiopia(n) said...

I can not believe how grown up the twist make her look! Take them out!!! just kidding! I love how proud she seems of them. Nice work!

Tracy said...

the twists look really cute!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Love Them!

Rebecca said...

What a cutie pie - looks so proud of her twists!!!