Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reflections from a new mama (2)

People choose to blog or not blog for different reasons.  My blog has served a variety of purposes.  At times it's a research tool, an information source, a scrapbook or a community outreach tool.  But over the course of my journey, it's main benefit has that it's served me in the space of reflection.  Even though I haven't shared these confessions,  I honor the time that I dedicate to this.

I've decided it is essential, to have a strong personal "point of view".  What do I believe in? What will be the core foundation to how I live and be and grow as a person and a mother?  

I am sure this seems obvious, especially for people of faith, but I think in the midst of all that life is...people react.  They search.  They hide.  They blame.  They neglect.  They compensate. They copy.  They compromise.  They let all very natural, human behaviors take over.  I have been guilty of this.  I know that I will be guilty of this for as long as I live.  I also know that "better" is always my goal.

So I've decided that I will continue to formalize my beliefs, let them evolve, let them live in my language so that they may extend into my behaviors and being.  My topic today:

Intentions are powerful 
Experts matter, but my instincts matter more
When you need help, get help
You teach people how to treat you
You must be confrontational with yourself and honest in all areas of life
Compartmentalizing is only left for desperate & temporary situations 
Image building is destructive if false
Constant evaluation and decisions are needed to keep your "circles" healthy
Motherhood is about your child, not you
When you really look at someone and they show you who they are - then believe them (from Ms. Maya)
At the end of the day - everything is about choice
Exploration is essential for growth
"No" can be as powerful and healthy as "Yes"
Fear should never stop you from "walking through"
Look for the "birds" (aha, inspirational moments from the Universe)
Don't be afraid to deconstruct and build
Live in Love

So, even though this may feel cheesy or too "Orpah,"  -- I will continue to reflect because this is all way bigger than me and I care too much about these kids and I'm excited by potential.


Julie said...

You are my own personal Oprah. Love you.

rebekah said...

Amy, This is really wonderful. I especially like 'Motherhood is about your child, not you.' Sometimes it's hard to know the difference.

msl said...

Your list is amazing - like you. Thank you for sharing this.

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

This is good! Thank you for this post, it caused me to reflect and go through my inner-check-off list to becoming a better woman.