Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LT's 1st trip to the salon

Thanks to Lori for setting up a special Black Hair Care workshop for adoptive parents.  I had done a good amount of reading online but the benefits of being in front of a stylist who can touch LT's hair and give suggestions was so helpful.  LT's hair is beautifully curly curly and super duper thick and dense with a lot of red in it.  So here's what I learned:

--moisturizing is essential (I was not using enough product even though I was doing twice a day, so I drench her hair now).  The stylist said LT's hair was WAY TOO DRY.  The good news is I did have the product already that she recommended (Organic Olive Oil products - Target).

--comb through every day (even though her hair is short)

--blow dry to get scalp dry after shampoo as water can get trapped and create mildew

--Spend time everyday pulling on her hair, rubbing it and combing it.  Because her hair is pretty short right now and she absolutely hates it being touched I have to have to have to get her used to it being pulled.  The curls are so tight to her head that it can be uncomfortable but the more I work with it, the easier it will get.

--Dedicate a savings account to salon visits starting at her young age.  She recommended comb twists for LT until she can sit long enough for braids.

--Tears are part of the process.

I must say that I'm hoping that hair time turns from torture to bonding soon .  It's pretty hard knowing she's so uncomfortable but with mentors like Althea at Spice Salon, I look forward to us sharing many great memories through beautiful curly hair.

ALSO, sending love to all the families who passed court, waiting or who will delayed this week.  

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Bettina said...

hey! It's Bettina. We met briefly in Ethiopia, I was just picking up my 7 year old daughter. I love your blog and it's great to see you at home and thriving!

Hope everything is going well!