Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams LT

As I get ready for bed after a day getting ready for LT, I think about her and can't wait to meet her and learn about her personality and touch and love on her. Even though it's less than two week away, each day seems to take forever. What keeps me sane is the care and attention that she's getting at Gladney. Every returning family I've talked to is so reassuring about this. 

I saw this posted by Shira and I thought it would be nice to share:

At the Gladney Foster Care Center in Addis Ababa there can be up to 24 babies in each of the Gladney homes (1 for infants, 1 for infant to toddler and 1 for older children) at any given time. Gladney has 3 nurses and 75 caregivers who take shifts to care for the children. It is very clean and they are well loved and cared for. Gladney also has 1 doctor who visits the foster care centers twice per week to address medical concerns and needs. The care givers love to hold the babies and all of the babies are held and played with throughout the day. Recently, Gladney had Dr. Karen Purvis, an attachment specialist, provide training to the Gladney caregivers on attachment and what can be done to promote this with the children. Weather permitting, the children are taken outside every morning to lay in the sunshine - commonly referred to as their sunbath. Gladney's in-country staff (American families who are living in Ethiopia to assist with the adoption process and Belay, the Ethiopian citizen who works so diligently for Gladney to assist with in-country issues) visit and play with the children regularly. In addition to their sunbath, the babies are bathed every morning and evening. They eat either every 2-3 hours or every 3-4 hours during the day and 1-3 times during the night, depending on age. Diapers are changed as needed, approximately 8 times a day. The children do not eat baby food. They are introduced to solid foods like pasta, vegetables, eggs, bread, and injera at about 8 months of age. Prior to this they eat formula - a special weight gain formula for those who are underweight.

I can say that LT was underweight and they are catching her up quickly. I just want to say a blessing to all the people who take care of these beautiful children. Thank you.  Thank you.


Heather said...

Sweet dreams baby girl! We cannot wait to meet you!

Robbin said...

She looks so sweet sleeping there. I know this will be the longest part of your weight but so very rewarding!!! I love the information about feeding as my little Babycakes is super tiny!!! I am struggling with what to send her!! I will keep you posted

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Yes, knowing that our little ones are in the best hands gives way to calmness for us...maybe a little too calm for me (hehehe).

My little one was also tiny and we had major concerns but with each photo/update that we receive just lets us know that everything concerning our tiny ones is at peace.

I can't wait for your trip!