Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pay It Forward

Attention all waiting Gladney families, I'll be traveling soon so I want to repay the favor of the wonderful families who allowed me to send a gift or take pictures.  If you are a family that has been matched and you're waiting to pick up your little one/s please email me now and so that you can get my address and send a package by 4/18

On another note, please send a sweet thought for my close friends Natalie and Dominic who left today to pick up their beautiful Simone.  Isn't she sweet?!?!  AND THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WELL WISHES.  I LOVE FEELING THE LOVE :)


Little Ethiopia(n) said...

I love how every baby in the center gets the EXACT same photo album (different photos of course). :-) We just bought ours this weekend... fingers crossed! Hey... when do you need packing help!?! PU-LEASE give me something to DO while I wait!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Because I want others to have the opportunity to send their care packages, I will sit this one out...(I'm practicing self-control here).

Paying it forward is a blessing---and you are truly a blessing for helping others!