Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hide and Seek...

sums up how I feel right now.

I had a great time at the John Mayer concert on Sunday, 7/27 (poppy's bday).  It was just perfect.  Also thank you to Lexi and Rain for the thoughtful "Luvbug" T-shirt and jacket.  It was really special to get baby ladybug clothes and on dad's bday.  Forever - Lexi is the most thoughtful person .  I am also so happy for the close friends in my life that have children and getting to share experiences with them.  Congrats to KB and the twins, LA and the twins, Yumi and her boys, Wendy and her boys, Becky and Jillibean and the Roy girls - it's just nice to be a part of it all.

I focus on the the goodness right now because this week has been one of those weeks where life feels like a lot, border line too much, mostly because I feel like I can't attack it how I want to or how I think I need to.  Because we all know that we can't control anything but our reaction, I continue to to consider ways to make things more bite size, sighhhhhh.  

It's a good thing that mom and manuel are coming this Thurs.  Not only will this make me feel like I'm managing better but I'm excited for an "Ethiopian adoption social" held near me at the beach.  I'm really excited to share and see the reality of so many families with their children.  It's easy to feel a little detached or in your own head about International Adoption because so few people understand the process and roller coaster of emotions that come with the territory.  So I'm grateful that this social is set up and it's basically in my backyard.  Will give you an update on this later.

Outside of getting my house ready (note - getting more quotes on central air and heat).  I have to start travel vaccinations as there are tons as well as continuing my education......

Ethiopian Language - Amharic:
Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia. It belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family which includes Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian. Although other languages are spoken in Ethiopia Amharic is the most widely used and understood.

Pronunciation -
Most of the transliteration has been kept as close to English as possible. A few letters will differ:

e': as in the 'a' in ago
ai: like bait
ie: like pie
o': cross between the 'oa' in coat and 'au' in haul.
g: like the 'g' in Gweneth
kw: like 'q' in quick
ny: like the 'ni' in onion


Hello / Bye: teanaste'lle'n
Hello: tadiyass (informal)
How are you?: dehna neh? (m) / nesh (f) / nachu (pl)
I'm fine: dehna
See you: chow
Yes: awo
OK: e'shi
No (not true): ie
No (not there): yellem
Please: e'bake'h (m) / e'bake'sh (f) / e'bakachu (pl)
Thank you: amesege'nallo'
Excuse me: yike'rta
Sorry: aznallo'
My name is.: se'mea.no'
I don't understand: algebanye'm

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