Friday, July 11, 2008

Good News!

We are thrilled to share that MOWA has officially started processing cases again!

This is the email that many families have been waiting for for some time. I'm so happy that the process is back on track and congrats to all my friends who have been waiting. In the midst of this, I've been assigned a new caseworker and the agency has told us they are starting referrals today again. I'm expecting lots of families to get matches over the next week. But from what I can understand the Ethiopian courts can handle 10 cases per agency each week so there may been a little bit of a delay in this regard but still there is much to celebrate.

I am still 2 months away from entering my window so in the meantime I'm getting some tasks done around the house. It's all about preparing my house in the next couple months. Today I'm getting a new washer/dyer (yes get excited mom). I'm floored that there's a "baby wear" cycle on it. And a new dishwasher (so I don't have to wash 3 times before things are clean . And new laptop (and going wireless whopee). And I got blue tooth to follow the new cell phone/driving laws. Soon I'll be tackling a much needed electrical upgrade and central air/heat.

Just call me New and Improved

................................................................and broke (sigh).

But it's TGIF - One of my BFF's Sandro has been here the last week as he's helping at the LA office and as a fun treat we're going to Laguna tomorrow for the night to get some beach quality time. Life is really good.

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