Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Fasika!

Fasika (Easter), April 27, is the most important festival for Ethiopia's devoted followers of the Orthodox Church. Followers fast for 56 days, abstaining from meat and animal products like egg, butter, and milk. On Easter eve people celebrate and go to church with candles which are lit during a colourful Easter Mass service which begins at about midnight Ethiopian time. People go home to break their fast with the meat of chicken or lamb, slaughtered the previous night, accompanied with injera and traditional drinks (i.e. tella or tej). Like Christmas, Easter is also a day of family re-union, an expression of good wishes with exchange of gifts (i.e. lamb, goat or loaf of bread). Followers celebrate Fasika with intense joy, food, drinks and the exchanging of gifts.

The painting to the left is from Ethiopian artist Genet Alemu, entitled "Woman". I find it beautiful, transporting and unifying.

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Annie said...

What a great painting!! It is quite beautiful.