Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I light a candle in honor of the 4th anniversary of my pop's passing.

In honor of LT's health

In honor of my regained spirit

In honor of the tremendous amount of support I felt from friends

and because I just noticed I've been on the wait list for baby boy for 3 months already

I am so blessed with my richly textured, surprising, challenging, abundant life and I hold my father very responsible for that ;)


Danni and Tommy said...

Love your spirit.

Jebena said...

Dear Mr. Amy's Pop:

You taught her well, even when it seemed as if she wasn't watching or listening. Because of you, Mr. Pop, the world, our world, is a little bit more kinder, softer, and sweeter. Thank you!

A Discerning Woman

Jess said...

How sweet Amy. You're so intuned. So there. so right.