Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beautiful, Like a Rainbow

I received a nice surprise today - pictures of LT with the care package I sent to her through a traveling family. Thank you so much to Britlee and Christy for sending me pics while they traveled to pick up their loves. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the updates. And speaking of updates, let me review...

-Got the CALL right before Christmas

-Got her first update on Ethiopian Christmas

-Received word about her court date on MLK weekend

-Got pics of her with her first care package on Inauguration Day

-Her Bday is the day before St. Patricks Day

-Her Court Date, March 31, is a day before my Bday April Fools Day

-And with fingers and toes crossed, I will be traveling to pick her up around Easter. Plus her name means to make clean and Easter is all about washing away sins.

OK, I'm just's all feeling so very special.

I'm not allowed to post her pics or name until I pass court but I can offer you this song lyric, which has been in mind all day as I view her beautiful little face.

I see your true colors 
and that's why I love you 
so don't be afraid to let them show 
your true colors 
true colors are beautiful 
like a rainbow


Heather said...

Beautiful! We love how special all of this is... life happens as it is meant to happen, and she is your life! We cannot wait to meet your sweet little baby girl!!

We will have to have that pajama party that I dream about... especially since our girls have matching pj's!!

msl said...


DrewCareyShow said...

She is a special girl already, and I have a feeling she will like to do things with a splash! Liv's timing has been impeccable since the start. I can't wait to see the miraculous signs of how you were clearly destined to be together, as mommy & daughter =) Now won't that be fun to witness! I love our little so cal group. We feel so fortunate.